So, this week, starting Wednesday, my school is doing some holiday spirit week thing that goes until Tuesday of next week. Wednesday is Whiteout day where we have to wear all white, Thursday is Ugly Sweater day, Friday is Holiday Colors day, Monday is Pajama day and Tuesday is Holiday Hat day. Tonight my mom and I are going out to go look for an ugly Christmas sweater at goodwill and maybe Walmart. I’m very excited because I think it’s fun when everyone gets into the holiday mode and goes all out on spirit days. I really hope that my teachers do something fun next week cause,  let’s be real here, no one’s gonna be in the mood to learn, and it’s gonna be chaotic. My math teacher let us bring in stuff to make gingerbread houses with, so I think that’s gonna be a lot of fun to make and eat. I’m not gonna share any of the gingerbread house with my family because it’s basically an every man for himself kinda deal whenever we have some kinda junk food in my house. Usually my brother gets the most of whatever junk food we have,  but we recently found out he has an acid reflux, and  he can’t have that kinda stuff. I feel bad,  but not really at the same time cause now I’m top dog in the perspective of getting the most junk food. But anyways,  back on track, I’m just gonna end this article cause I don’t know what else to say . I’m gonna sum it up and say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, happy whatever else you celebrate. Or just Happy Holidays.

-Jane 8th grade


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