Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…


It’s that time of year again when all the holiday joy comes out to play. Santas fill ever single mall in this universe, along with their little elves. I can smell fresh bakes cookies and mistletoe just walking down Main Street, but one thing that i have noticed a lot was that there are Christmas trees everywhere. Sometimes I will walk into a store and see like 5 just randomly places around with lights as bright as the sun. Trees fill shops, town squares, streets, and even our school. My friends have 7 ft tall trees places in their living rooms covered in twinkling lights and ornaments so colorful that it makes rainbows look white, but with our tree its a whole new world. We have two cats who just love trees and ornaments like they are gold coins. One of the cats (also known as Dale) just loves to go under the trees and shed all over the tree cover and sit on any presents until they are as flat as a sheet of parchment, now he is our least worries. We got the other cat named Pepper. He thinks the tree is a playground and that the ornaments are snowballs that you can just throw around town. I have been counting and he as knocked down over 40 ornaments and broken at least 10. Pepper also has this habit of his to sit in our tree. This was not really a problem (never mind the flying ornaments), until I started to see a pretty bad looking tree. The main problem was that our tree was getting holey, as in it looked like some monster went up and took bites out of our tree.This was because Pepper would sit/lay in the tree. So to solve this problem we got a new tree. Not the best way in my option because duh the cat will get it anyway, but hey, do whatever  floats your boat. That is the end of my tree extravaganza, so have a wonderful holiday and go see some trees shine brighter than the stars!

Elisabeth, 6th grade