Winter Town by Stephen Emond

Winter Town

Winter Town, by Stephen Emond, is the perfect book to curl up with under a blanket and read the day away. The story, told from two polar opposite perspectives, is quite simple. Childhood friends Evan and Lucy meet each other every winter for a week after Lucy’s parents split and take her far down south. They manage to keep their friendship strong until one memorable visit, when Lucy comes back as a completely new version of herself. Straight-laced, college-bound Evan is shocked to discover that the girl he once knew has changed drastically in the year she was away. He swears to get to the bottom of her dramatic change, even if it means making her mad. Lucy, for her part, is determined to keep her secrets, which could potentially destroy their long-standing relationship. As they struggle to figure things out, they both begin to realize they may not be who they thought they were. Or who their families-and each other-thought they were. Evan’s family (read: father) is pushy and overbearing, determined to make Evan a respectable young man when all he wants to do is draw. Lucy’s family has already fallen apart and coming back every year only stirs up bad memories. Usually things are so easy for them, but this year brings problem upon problem, as they two have to confront the scariest thing imaginable-their futures. Can they find hope in a wide and complicated world? Sprinkled with light-hearted comic strips and told in two delightful and distinct voices, this book is best paired with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a cold, wintry night. You won’t want to stop reading!

– Ryan (11th Grade)