The story of Kizzy Ann Stamps starts the summer of 1963, also known as the start of integration. Kizzy Ann Stamps is a young black girl. It is the start of a new school year and she will be going to the integrated school. As much as Kizzy Ann has been told it has to be done, she doesn’t really want to go, or make friends with white kids, but she had no escape from the school. To make things worse her mother got her fancy hand-me-downs from a white girl, Laura Westover, she hates dresses. When everything seems bad there are still two upsides her loving dog, Shag, a border collie, and she also has a wonderful caring teacher, Miss Anderson, who she writes to through a journal. As things get better for Kizzy at school,  nothing changes for her older brother James. On role call they don’t call the black kid’s names, and don’t let the black kids on varsity teams. James is on the JV team and his only dream is to win the homecoming game and have his name as the newspaper headline. Integrating the schools ruined his chance of that. Just to make a great ending to the story they have Kizzy win the spelling bee along with getting third place in a herding dog show with Shag with help from Mr. McKenna and Frank Charles Feagen a white boy in her grade. Kizzy Ann Stamps is one of the black girls that helped both black and white to mix. That’s the story of Kizzy Ann Stamps an adventure that made it a story to remember.

by- Erin 6th grade