POISON by Bridget Zinn

Poison by Bridget Zinn

Poison is a story about a girl around the age 16, Kyra, who is a master potioner, at least she was. The story includes monsters, like witches, shape shifters, and many criminals. However, it also includes many friends such as Fred, a man who helps her along the way to the castle although she lies about why she was headed to the kingdom, Rosie, her trusty pig, and a group of gypsies. The adventure begins when Kyra attempts to kill the princess, who is her cousin and best friend. She thought the princess was possessed and there is no cure for being possessed. The problem was that Kyra failed to kill the princess then she ran off so she could finish her job. Eventually they made it to the kingdom and she left Fred after traveling there with him. She first came to Eddie the hermit’s room and gave up, but after coming to the dress parlor she discovered Arlo the Abundant, a criminal, had tricked her into taking the pig, Rosie, and turned the princess to wood with Kyra’s potion. All this lead up to a shape shifter taking Ariana’s place and taking over the kingdom. Unless Kyra, Fred, and Ariana could stop them…….

by Erin 6th grade