New Years Resolution


****basic storyline to Jeff Kinney author of Diary of a wimpy kid series*******
My New Years resolution is to help people become more like me since I can’t really change anything about myself because I’m the best I can already be. Although,  I’m not sure the world is ready for of me. If everyone was like me, insults would be flying everywhere with lots of sarcastic retorts and comebacks. I think that I have pretty good judgements of situations because my friends are always asking me for advice with things, and when I help them the problem is always solved and they are happy. So I mean, if everyone had as good judgement as I do, all the problems in world could be solved. Another plus of being me is my sense of humor. I feel like that ranges in more of a sarcastic and offbeat category, so instead of people being confused from my jokes, everyone will be rolling around laughing their butts off. I’m probably coming off as a bit arrogant, which I sometimes am,  but I consider this as me also just joking around and stuff which is the nicer way of things. So yea basically that’s what my New Years resolution is,  even though I know so people won’t be able to handle that. Here’s to the new year.

-Jane 8th grade


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