“Alice in Wonderland” Comes to Liberty

Liberty High School’s production of “Alice in Wonderland” is in full swing and is bringing new faces from the rabbit hole onto the stage.

This version, adapted by Eva Lo Galliene and Florida Friebus, is not simply the theater version of a movie. The play is composed of nonsensical vignettes, instead of an overarching plot. Familiar characters, such as the Queen of Hearts (played by Carly Anders) and the White Rabbit (played by Jordan Spencer), make appearances but other lesser-known Wonderlandians are introduced as well. The Mock Turtle, Duchess and Chess Queens are all original characters from Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland series but aren’t as common in adaptions. At Liberty, they take center stage.

The King and Queen of Hearts (Jacob Fischer and Carly Anders) oversee the Trial of Wonderland.

Conceptually, the production is fantastic. To portray Alice, shrunken and frustrated, filling the room with her tears, a rising water level is projected as the backdrop and actress Delaney Goodwin was suspended using wires. The costumes were breathtaking and intricate, composed of corsets, tulle, and an unimaginable number of playing cards. The silhouette created by the Queen of Hearts dress and collar was particularly striking, especially when combines with the colorful back-lighting seen throughout the show.

The Mad Hatter (Patrick Owings) attempts to converse with Alice (Delaney Goodwin) at his infamous Tea Party.

The Mad Hatter, portrayed by Patrick Owings, is one of the most memorable characters from the performance. The Hatter provides a familiar face to the audience and Owings’ blend of scatterbrained ramblings and charisma perfectly mesh with the overall feel of Wonderland.

Similarly, Jacob Fischer, playing the White Knight, owns the stage in every scene the character is is. The first comparison that comes to mind is Justin Bieber, right down to the signature hair flip and the attempt at a musical performance.The difference being, Fischer is incredibly likable. The trope is well-played and balanced, making for more traditional humor in a nontraditional performance.

For any avid Wonderland fan, this show is a must see. However, for those of us who haven’t read the books, be forewarned. The rapid speech and accents can make the already-loony dialogue difficult to understand, making the stories hard to follow if you aren’t familiar with them. Regardless, the show is a treat to see and it isn’t necessary to always know what’s going on. Embrace your confusion- we’re all mad here.

Upcoming show dates: March 12th (7 pm), 13th (7 pm), and 14th (2 pm & 7 pm) at Liberty High School