Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 is a class based first person shooter video game. You can play as a cast of characters ranging from the speedy but weak scout to the tough but slow heavy and everything in-between. You can get new weapons for the nine classes, such as the shotgun with soda cans on it or the rocket launcher that shoots energy balls that explode. There are many fun game modes too. You can push a cart into the enemy’s base that explodes or steal their glowing briefcase. There is an in-game trading system too, and it allows you to trade your items to someone else for some of their items. This way you can get items you want by trading items you don’t use. This game also allows you to purchase items from its in-game store or a community market where you can buy items others are selling. This game is constantly getting updates that add in new items and features, so the experience is always fresh. The online feature allows you to play on official servers with other players or go onto community servers hosted by the community where anything goes. This opens up options to play other games in this game, such as jailbreak.

Cole B., 7th grade