The Spook’s Stories/Last Apprentice Review


In the book series The Spook’s Stories (published in America as The Last Apprentice) by Joseph Delaney, a person named Tom Ward who is the seventh son of a seventh son becomes the apprentice of the county Spook. The Spook’s job is to fight against the dark, such as witches, boggarts, and even god-like creatures because he too is the seventh son of a seventh son, the only people who can see “the dark”. Tom’s apprenticeship is going well, until one day the Spook leaves for Pendle to deal with witches, leaving Tom alone. One day, a girl named Alice comes up to him and asks him to give some cakes to one of the witches the Spook has bound in a pit at his house. He sees no problems with this and proceeds to give her the cakes. The next day, he realizes that the cakes gave her strength to help her escape, and now she is roaming freely. He takes one of the Spook’s staffs and goes after her. He manages to kill her, but sometimes a witch is even more powerful dead than alive, as it is in this case. The Spook comes back to help Tom, but Tom goes to visit his family. When he realizes the witch has possessed someone on the farm where he lives, he has to figure out how to save them. Eventually, Tom finds out who she possessed and teams up with Alice to help take her out, even though the Spook still doesn’t trust her. The books in this series are fast paced, and there are many of them. New characters are introduced in each book, and as you read, you find out the past of these characters as well as their presents. These books have a creepy atmosphere and storylines and have a warning not to be read after dark on their back.

Cole B. – 7th Grade