When the Game Stands Tall



When the Game Stands Tall

Directed By: Thomas Carter

The story starts when a high school football team has the longest winning streak in football history, 151 games, they called it “The Streak”. The season ends with another victory. The seniors graduate and move on to college football. When all seems to be going well the head coach who led the team through all 151 games has a heart attack. When they arrive at the hospital he is told that he can’t have any physical activity can’t even step on the football field until he is completely healed. Just to make things worse a player was shot after a game of pick-up when getting his cousin. Along with him being shot another player’s mother died leaving him and his little brother all alone. The team was falling apart because of all the tragedy. When the “The Streak” was lost that season when they were kicked out of their own league the team fell, but they were taught by coach Ladouceur that when you fall you have to get back up. Coach Lad got back up to coach again toward the end of the season to coach the team that was failing without him. Meanwhile a player on the team, Ryan, is 4 touchdowns from the record of touchdowns in a season made by a previous player. However his father forces him to do well by yelling at him and running plays with him after games. Just to show his father that he doesn’t need to get the record he does what his coach taught him and acts like a man. In the last game of their season since they were already winning he stopped throwing the ball and didn’t break the record his father wanted to break so badly. That season De La Salle won the championship and realized that they didn’t need their streak to be a successful team they needed to be able to depend on each other and play as a team and most importantly grow up.

-Erin 6th grader