Slathbog’s Gold by: M.L. Forman


In this book, the main character Alex, a 15 year old boy, has lived a fairly normal life working at the Happy Dragon tavern, until one day he sees a sign advertising adventures. Planning on asking  the store manager about it, he walks into the shop, only to get put into an adventure himself! He and his companions, including a elf and a dwarf, must kill Slathbog the Red, an evil dragon who has destroyed a few cities and is hoarding lots of gold. Also, according to his companions, magic is real!  So, deciding to go on the adventure, Alex goes to fictional the city of Telous, where his adventures begin. Throughout his adventure, Alex fight many evil monsters, and learn more about magic and Adventurers! Will they complete there quest? Is there more to Alex then everyone saw? Find out in Slathbog’s Gold!!!

This amazing book is very similar to The Hobbit, both in how good it is, and in the plot, yet it is still different enough to be amazing. I would recommend it to people who like books/ book series like The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia, and/ or Poison.



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