Hoopla is an app, that paired with your library information, can allow access to a huge library of videos, shows, music and books. This is especially convenient for music. Hoopla allows a person to check out and then download full albums. So when you want to listen to music, but not pay for it through iTunes, you can use Hoopla!

They offer so many different types of entertainment. To give you and idea of the “popular” medias, here is a list:

  • Romeo & Juliet
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Annie
  • Sam Smith’s The Lonely Hour
  • “Nick Jonas” the album
  • X by Ed Sheeran
  • Fall Out Boy, American Beauty/American Pyscho
  • Wicked Soundtrack
  • The Divergent Series audiobooks
  • The Hunger Games audiobooks
  • Many PBS and Discovery TV shows

Plus so much more!

Also Hoopla offers a tab on your library’s news, but there is a downside… You can only check out 10 items a month.

Rory 10th Grade


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