Easter Egg Extravaganza at the Carroll County Public Library


At the Carroll County Public library they have aprogram called Easter Egg Extravaganza. There were 15 kids that attended to this program. The ages that attended at this program was from a couple months old to 8 years old. The program went from 6:30-7:30. At the beginning of the program they did a song called Bunny Hop. Then they read a book called “Minerva Louise And The Colorful Eggs”. They played a egg color sorting game then they counted them to see how mant eggs they have collected. Next they read another book callled “Easter Bunny Assistant” the kids participated in action as the instructor read the book. Then the kids participated in a Easter Egg hunt by picking one easter egg from the instructors basket. Then the kids went out in the main lobby and went to find 3 other eggs that are the same color as their easter egg from the instructor. The kids then made a easter egg by using dobbers and paper that is shaped as a egg. Aslo they used crayons and stickers to decorate their easter egg in their own special way. They aslo made a bunny bag. They made the bunny bag by using brown paper bag, construction paper for the ears and the whiskers. Aslo used googly eyes for the eyes and a cotton ball for the bunny’s tail. To make the face on the brown paper bag they used glue sticks and crayons to decorate the bunny the way they wanted. So that their bunny would be creative in their own way. When they found their 4 eggs that matched from the easter egg hunt. They brought them back to the instructor and then the instructor gave then prizes which was bubbles, candy carrots, and easter tatoos. The instructo stamped their hand. Asd they did their crafts they listened to music. All of the kids had smiles on their faces at the end of the day.

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