Writing A Story


“I’m in my room sitting in front of a laptop. The blank page stares at me through the screen. My hands linger above the keyboard; my brain working, but not how I want it to. I have to write a narrative. All my other classmates have drafted their stories with action. My writing is not going to be your typical story that one writes in class. I will not let it be a boring story, and the only stories I can think of are boring. My mind has all these wonderful ideas, but I cannot seem to start them.

“A story can be so many things. You have happy stories, sad stories and some stories that don’t make sense. Most stories have a genesis middle and conclusion. But most stories don’t affect you. Stories don’t seem to connect to your life or anything that you really care about. Ones that aren’t special are simply stories. I think the right story can change lives.

“I want my narrative to be out of the box and maybe even make an English teacher smile. This story is going to be different. But how do you decide what to write your story about?

“In school you learn to dissect and analyze every single word of a piece of writing. You ask questions about theme, mood and literary devices. Some writing has so many similes and metaphors that you could paint a picture of whatever’s being described. Honestly though I always skip over most of that; does the reader really care about how many similes are in a novel? Some authors really craft their work well, the descriptive language enhances, the allusions and connotation make something magical. That’s not me though. I’m not going to write a story with biblical references or use fancy words to create fancy feelings. I don’t even know what to write about. My mind and computer screen are as empty as a pessimist’s glass.

“It seems that people always seem to want to write about people. They want to write about people that have problems, people that are running away from something, people that just made a mess for themselves. People, to me, just don’t seem to be all that great. Some of the best novels are all about the people that don’t have a happy ending, but let us be realistic, most stories don’t have have a fairy tale finish.

“I could write about the typical hero that starts off searching for something, goes on this long journey and comes out in changed, born a new. The hero it seems can only be written so many different ways. You can put the hero in modern society or you can keep it in the medieval ages. It doesn’t matter it’s always the same story with a good ending that makes you happy on the inside. I could write about hero, it wouldn’t be special.

“Maybe this whole thought of not knowing about what I’m going to write helped in the end. Finally after all this thinking about not writing, I embraced my empty mind. I decided to write about not being able to write. My characters will be me, the writer, and the people listening.”

“So what do you think about my idea mom?” The girl asked

“It sounds good.” The girl’s mother responded with a smile. “It’s almost as if the narrator goes through this conflict of not knowing what to write and she in the end finds a solution along with learning that she is a creative writer.”

Rory 10th Grade


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