How to Train your Dragon (the book series!)


Now, I know some of you are wondering if I’ve gone off the deep end, because everyone knows How to Train your Dragon is a MOVIE. But there really is a book series, written by Cressida Cowell, and it was the “inspiration” for the movie. I say quote-inspiration-unquote because the book series is much, much better than the movie, not to say that the movie was actually¬†bad...

In the books, the Vikings never, ever killed dragons unless they attacked first. They actually keep dragons in their homes, for hunting, fishing and generally doing all the things your average dog does, except that your average dog doesn’t breathe fire. And as a rite of passage for the young Viking boys, they have to go into the dragon nesting caves and steal their first dragon. And, when Hiccup goes into the cave to get a dragon, he ends up with the smallest, weakest dragon there is. Go figure. So, now Hiccup has to figure out how to train his sarcastic, stubborn dragon, avoid the jerks (I’m looking at you, Snotlout), and also save the town from not one, but two terrifying giant dragons.

And that’s just book 1 out of 12. In the other 11 books, there may or be not be the really smarmy Alvin the Treacherous, shark dragons, giant deserts of red sand, a pirate’s treasure, Skullions, and the Library of (Nearly) Certain Death.

This series is packed with great books to read. It has excellent character development and you are really rooting for the ever- so-slightly sarcastic Hiccup and his pals. I still think the books and the movies have equal validity as INCREDIBLE, though. (Just like the Hobbit!)