Hedgehog Story time and visit at the Carroll County Public Library


At the Carroll County Public Library they had a program called Hedgehog Story time and visit. It went from 11am- 12pm. It was for all ages. 42 kids attended to this program. The hedgehog’s name was Nutmeg. The first thing they did was a warm-up which was stretching then they did a song called the ” Wiggle dance”. The first book they read was called ” Hokey Pokey Another Prickly Love Story”. Then they did a hand movement game called five hedgehogs. They read another book called ” What Pet To Get”. The kids then did one last dance called ” Are you happy and you know it”. The kids could do a craft which was when they could color in a hedgehog then they could use ink and put it on their hands and then put it on their hedgehog to make the prickles on it. Last but not least they brought Nutmeg out so all the kids can see and pet Nutmeg. The kids had to use hand sanitizer before and after touching Nutmeg. She was really cute all the kids loved seeing her. The kids favorite thing was to see Nutmeg. The Library had books sitting on a table so people can take and check them out from the Library about pets and how to take care of pets. All the kids at the end of the program had smiles on their faces.

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