Matched: Ally Condie


This book is so amazing. The plot hooked me from the very beginning.

This book is about a society where everything is controlled. If you’ve read the Giver, it’s a bit like that. So, in this society, when a child turns 17, they have a “Matching banquet”. This is where the society tells the child who they are matched to. This is essentially the person they will live the rest of their lives with, after courting and accepting their marriage contract.
Cassia Reyes goes to her matching banquet with all of the other 17 year olds in her district, including her best friend, Xander Carrow. At the banquet, Cassia is matched with Xander, surprising everyone. It is very rare that someone be matched with another from their district. At the banquet, she is given a microcard with information about her match. When she gets home, Cassia looks at the card. First, she sees a picture of Xander’s face, but then something crazy happens. Another picture comes up, and it’s not of Xander. It is another boy from her district, Ky Markham.
Though she is told it is a glitch in the system, and to forget about it, Cassia just can’t help thinking about how she felt when she saw Ky on that screen. It doesn’t help that Ky just joined her hiking class.
As they fall deeper in love, Cassia realizes that maybe all she has been taught by the society is wrong.
Maybe the society itself is wrong.


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