Stung by Bethany Wiggins



This story has a very creative idea. It all starts with a young girl Fiona Tarsis (Fo or Fotard). She was a girl who was given a disease by a bee flu in more than a normal dose. But unlike other people she was cured and she therefore won’t turn into a beast and she won’t go crazy and try to kill others. She is very confused and forgets most of her past because she was put in a coma at the age of 13. She has wandered off and came upon a family she knew. She is told to run, but is followed and doesn’t have survival skills. A young “girl”, Arrin/Arris, age 13, pretends to be her friend and is staying with her. They go to a camp for fecs (human form and not wild form of beasts) to rescue the girls brother, but the boy is killed on the way out and Fo is captured as well. Fiona although, got lucky enough to be at a gate with an old friend, Dreyden Bowen, who very much appreciates her and loves her. They run off due to the fact that she is thought harmful and may be traded to the raiders. They survive in a hotel room and also a run-down factory. That is until he is kept by raiders and she is brought back by the raiders to the pits. Arrin who is actually a boy of the name Arris brought Fiona back.. She is sent to a fight with Arris, a level 5 beast, and her brother (Jonah). Throughout the competition her brother protects her then Bowen arrives. He stops the competition and his brother and the governor are put in jail by stopping the survival of cured fecs and curing others fecs to keep their rule. In the end everyone is given hope and people are fine until…

Erin 6th grade