Dragon Talk


Gy swore under her breath as she emptied the scorpion out of her boot. Being at the head of the squad had its dangers.  In the extremely competitive world of Alisi, it paid to win and “accidents” were common among the other squad members.  The other two times it had been painfully obvious that Calissa had done it. The most popular girl in Squad 71’s life goal was to beat Gy in the standings. But so far, it wasn’t anywhere near working, as skill counted a lot more than an empty head.

Because today was the day they would receive custody of their very own dragon. Everyone knew that dragons were bloodthirsty and dumb as rocks. The few cadets who didn’t get killed and successfully trained them would be going to the Wars. If those rebels on the other side didn’t surrender soon, they would definitely be crushed. Everyone just knew it.

And soon everyone would know that Calissa’s latest attempt to take Gy out had failed. Now, Gy had a clear shot at the top dragon, Dragon B. Dragon A was Squad Leader Dals’s dragon. The dragons were ranked in order of size and strength, so getting Dragon B guaranteed her one of the top jobs as an adult. Maybe even an adult squad leader or a garrison command. Getting the top spot required her to be perfect at everything, including being on time for assembly.

Now that she had her boots on (sans scorpions) she raced down the stairs and to the courtyard. Getting ready had taken longer than expected, and she barely made it into line before the warning bell. She noticed that Calissa wasn’t there and wondered if someone else had gotten her. She didn’t cheat, preferring instead to humble her enemies by making them eat her training dragon’s tailwind.

But everything else was wiped out of her mind as Squad Leader Dals stepped forward and started to make his perpetually long and boring-to-tears opening speech. Gy wasn’t actually listening, instead just thinking “dragon B… please… dragon B….” until the Leader finally got to the point. “Dragon B goes to Gyarra Diancie.”

Gy didn’t stay to hear the rest of the speech but walked into the cool, high-roofed dragon stables to claim her dragon, right in front of the entrance in the highest place in the pecking order. It was a large but streamlined male with wings black as night and strange speckles of white around its gray and surprisingly expressive eyes. Not that made her like it any more than she should like any dragon… all right. She did think it was kind of the dragon version of handsome. She took its reins and tied them to a ring in the wall. Taking out a bottle of scale polish, a claw file and a sponge, she scrubbed the old layers off its scales, all the while talking to the dragon to calm it down, purposefully ignoring Dals’s long-ago instructions to never, ever as you value your life, Diancie, talk to a dragon like a person.

“I suppose I can’t just call you Dragon B forever, so you have to have a name.” she said. “You are rather black, how about Onyx? Or maybe Obsidian… wait. What do you think?”

“I think I already have a name, and no insignificant Human is going to give me a different one,” the dragon said, sounding irritated.

“So, what is it, then?” Gy said, trying to maintain her composure without letting the dragon know that she was now very scared. She could deal with a dumb dragon, but this one was obviously very well trained or it really was smart.

“Well, why should I tell you?” it said. “You’re a Human! Responsible for the enslavement of most of our kind! You think we’re dumb, for skyfire’s sake!”

The conversation was getting interesting.

The dragon had calmed down a bit. “I’m here for a reason. Your squad members are shortly to receive to the surprise of their lives… we’re taking you to the rebels. You’ll understand what the right side to be on is soon.”

“So, what is your name?” Gy fired back.

Story by Queen Glory (through Shiny) 🙂