Bird By Rita Murphy

I started reading the 150 page book on 1 June and finished it on the 13th. The book many times just left me star bound! It is beautifully written with a pristine use of language. I absolutely loved it! The book follows Miranda, a wisp of a thing. She was blown by the wind to Wysteria’s presence in Bourne Manor. The two live isolated, often feared by the people of town, and the center of gossip when they venture in. Wysteria is a strange reclusive woman, who spends her time with Miranda alone in the manor with the fish nets to weave. She “lost” her husband many years ago, and while she says he was lost in a storm at sea, many say the captain jumped from the cliffs of the manor to his own death to escape Wysteria. The manor through out the story gives off a presence. It keeps those who dare to live inside of it’s walls trapped. It makes people like Wysteria go  mad. Many lose themselves to the thought of the incredible fortune that the captain left in the house. Miranda is a clever girl though, and with the manor possessing Wysteria, she is able to sneak around. But her life starts to pick up when she finds an attic full of kites that the captain  had made himself in secret. Through them she meets Farely, and begins her quest for freedom from the grasps of a world that didn’t truly know her.

Mrs. Honey’s Input


I think that the book is very sophisticated, and a higher level than you would have expected to find in a fifth grade classroom. But the plot line is exciting, and it has so many conflicts and resolutions along the way, it is difficult to find the climax! But it was beautifully written, and the characters it creates are amazing and complex. The book is fantasy mixed with mystery, and has a light hint of sweet horror. All in all, I absolutely loved it, and we gave it ten out of ten stars!

Mrs. Vinegar’s Input


Utterly. Speechless.


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