“Inside Out”


When I ended up having to go along with siblings to the new Pixar film “Inside Out” I did not have particularly high expectations. I was expecting a bit of a children’s movie. While doubtlessly it is a children’s movie, it was still moderately amusing and certainly a good family movie at the point that teens and adults might enjoy it, though perhaps not so much as tweens and children. The movie follows the story of five basic emotions of a small girl: Joy, an optimistic and cheerful character, Sadness, about whom little is known by the others in the film, Disgust, who handles food and social activities, Fear, who protects the girl, and Anger, who well- is angry, you know. While this could have been a remarkably lame film suited for children so young six-year olds consider themselves too old for it, it was actually quite entertaining. The story begins- this being a modern film- when the girl in which the protagonists live moves from Minnesota to San Fransisco (it’s implied her dad is founding a startup.) As things go wrong while moving, a fight between Joy and Sadness exiles both to the far edges of the mind. The two characters conflict with each other, being opposites, and have a semi-comical journey back, meeting other characters and unusual places. Pixar has actually done a pretty good job. While something like this could have turned out horrid, it ended up quite well. While “Inside Out” is not the greatest movie ever, it’s decent and a good family movie, even if it lacks interest for the teenager/YA crowd.