My Review of Bloodborne


For the readers that are unaware, Bloodborne is the most recent game released by developers, FROM SOFTWARE. This game was once thought of as a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series however Bloodborne is a standalone title, and has no connections to Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2. Bloodborne released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on March 24th, 2015. Many people were upset by the fact other consoles, and PC would not be able to play the game however I stand by the decision as PlayStation 4 at the time of the release of Bloodborne had not claimed many exclusive titles unlike the Xbox One and PC. Anyway, in regards to the game itself, Bloodborne in my opinion is a good game for many reasons however it lacks certain aspects that FROM SOFTWARE is known for in its most comparable series, that being the Dark Souls series. As said before Bloodborne is indeed a stand alone game and should not be directly compared to any other as it would breed a sense of unfairness to the developers. However, that is not to say Bloodborne shouldn’t have taken more features from other games such as Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. With that said I would like to state first what this game could improve upon. In Bloodborne there are fifteen right handed weapons, these being known as trick weapons. Weapons such as these will most notably have two different forms that scale off of your chosen statistics throughout leveling. These trick weapons are a nice addition however they are almost all the same. There is no distinction of fighting styles whether the player is going with a strength build or a skill build, these being practically the only two builds in the entire game. This lack of variety also holds true for the types of armor in the game, the only notable difference being the stats each armor set is held. There are no heavy armors in the game, all armors appear to be thin coats at best. The lack of ability to change hinders the player so the game has almost no replay factor, that being how much the player wants to replay the game for a new experience. With that said, another unfortunate aspect of this game that leaves it boring is the lack of class differences. The only readily available builds are strength and skill while others such as arcane or blood-tinge are not available until later in the game, making them difficult to the player. This also breeds a lacking replay factor for the player. Now then, I believe those are the only problems with Bloodborne, so on to the positives of the game. The combat system is very smooth and fluid allowing the player to have lots of fun ducking in and out of combat gracefully. The settings of the game are very detailed and stand apart from each other in a beautiful way. The enemies of Bloodborne are also very unique, well developed, and fun to fight while also giving a nice challenge expected from the developers as is their reputation. FROM SOFTWARE has created a good game however it does have its flaws. Do I as a player enjoy Bloodborne? Yes, and I would recommend it to certain friends however if you expect many restarts and different play styles, maybe this is not the game for you. However it is still worth checking out. That’s my review for Bloodborne and I do hope you enjoyed.



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