Town of Salem Review

Town of Salem is an online game and couldn’t be anything else. This game is based around human interaction and the art of deception. In this game 16 people are living in a town together. Each one is assigned a role that can do specific things. For example, the Godfather controls the mafia and is immune. However, if the good townspeople find out they will try to lynch him. He must hide his role from them as to stay alive. This game’s visuals have a cartoony look and it has no violence. The best part of this game is that no two games are the same. You may have the same role, but you are playing with other people who have different play styles, making the possibilities for this game endless. This game is also completely free, unless you want to buy things with real money from the in-game store. If you have any friends who have this game, you can add them to a friend’s list and invite them to play in the same game with you. This game is great because it is creative, isn’t violent, is online, has endless possibilities, and is fun to play with friends. However, since this game is online it has no ESRB rating which means people can do anything online, so you have to be careful.

Cole- 8th Grade