The Fire Within

The book The Fire Within could be described as “cute” or “playful”. As the first book of the Last Dragon Chronicles, the author foreshadows into the rest of the series by introducing key concepts without making the plot as dark as later books. This book is actually not centered around the fantasy of dragons, at least compared to later books in the series. The fantasy is acceptable but not crazy and outstanding in any way. In spite of the dragon’s eye on the cover, readers may not find what they expect: there are no magical battles or quests in this book. Instead, D’lacey has created a realistic relationship among David, Liz, Lucy, and the Pennykettle dragons. It introduces the concept of the Pennykettles and their clay dragons and how they affect David Rain’s life. The Fire Within is a book about writers and writing more than anything else, as it shows David’s own special dragon inspiring him to write a story. The fictional story David writes for Lucy mirrors real developments in their lives, creating an unusual story-within-a-story. Overall, The Fire Within is a good read and a great book to introduce the Last Dragon Chronicles.