The Great Railroad Race

Today I finished, “The Great Railroad Race, The Diary Of Libby West,” by Kristina Gregory. The book starts with a fourteen year old gossip loving Libby, living happily in her home in Denver. Her father, with his taste for adventure, works for the “Rocky Mountain News” as a reporter. One day mysterious crates are delivered to their home, which greatly excited her father. He has  purchased a Washington Hand Printing Press. His plans are to travel across the country with one of his friends from the war, Pete. Together they will write and print a newspaper, collecting information over telegraph lines.  But Libby’s mother is convinced that Father needs someone to keep his feet on the ground. So, after much debate, the family packs up their wagon and starts to follow Union Pacific into the heart of the great railroad race. Through their journey Libby meets her best friend, Ellie Rowe, who accompanies them on their wild ride through deserts and tent towns. And along the way a growing friendship blossoms into love between Pete and Libby, adding a climatic turn of events here and there.

Mrs. Honey’s Input😇


I think that it had an interesting plot, an era and event in history that I personally have not shed much light on. I think it was a good book, though Libby’s words were strained, lacking the true voice of a fifteen-year-old. But all in all, I think that it was nicely written.

Mrs.Vinegar’s Input😒


I think that the book also lacked the heart that I enjoy seeing in books, and felt that the love between Libby and Pete was simply thrown in there to fix that. Also, I think that when she talked about the work the men did and explained everything in such great detail, it seemed to drone on. Although, one must consider they are supposed to be educational.  All in all, we gave it five out of ten stars.



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