John W. Garder Quote

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” John W. Gardner

This quote at one time reminded me of art, however now it reminds me, rightfully so, of how to live life. Clearly it says to “draw without an eraser” but that could mean many things. I like to take it as if to live life without the anxieties of every day. This meaning to not look back at mistakes you may have made in the past, but to embrace life as it is, and not be ashamed of what’s happened to you. Another thing to take this quote as is to not worry about life in general, to move on without the worries brought by life. This quote can give peace to an individual, in a sense of thinking of an art project. Art will turn out beautiful no matter what the artist may see. When someone stares at their project for hours on end it looks ugly to only them however to others it can be the most beautiful thing they’ve seen. This is why one must not erase even the dirty parts of their life as another person may see them as the most beautiful aspects. This quote is fantastic.


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