Rocksteady and the Arkham Knight (Spoilers)

For those of you who do not know, Batman: The Arkham Knight was the third installment of the Arkham storyline started by the developers at Rocksteady with Arkham Asylum. This newest installments most prominent feature was the introduction of a “new” character Rocksteady claims to have created, this being the Arkham Knight, whose sole intent is to break batman and kill him. I will say the “Arkham Knight” character is well designed and fits well in this story arc, however this is not a Rocksteady creation. I realize, along with all other batman fans who have any prior knowledge of the Robin storylines, that the Arkham Knight is simply the Red Hood, aka Jason Todd, aka the same character introduced and developed in past comics, those specifically branded “Under The Red Hood”, meaning Rocksteady did not create an original character as they are claiming. It even reveals itself in Arkham Knight when Jason Todd dons a red mask identical to the one worn in the comics as the Red Hoods trademark. I, along with many other batman fans, felt disappointed at this lack of originality and development for the games future. With all this said I must add, I think Arkham Knight, along with the other Arkham games are fantastic in their own rights, and worth buying, however not on PC.


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