Wanted: Time

You’d heard all about it. Time is a wanted criminal across the globe, one that could never be caught. “Wanted” posters posted in as many as 100 countries offer a valuable monetary prize to anyone who could catch Time to come do his time. You say to yourself, “Time ain’t got nothing against me,” so you set off.

All is well at first. You set up a plan, a schedule if you will: Time’s schedule. You monitor it, you observe it, and you think you’ve got it in the bag. Just meet up with Time at wherever it may be at a certain time, and it’s all yours. It’s not like it could run away. Run faster than you, at least. After all, scientifically, time runs at a constant pace.

But you soon realize a fatal flaw in your plan. Whenever Time comes close to your grasp, it slips away when you’re not looking, when you get distracted. You come to see that Time is always on the move, never tiring, while you, a human, need to eat, to drink, to rest. You chase time diligently, but it is when you are on the brink of fatigue, and plan to rest a bit, that it seems to grow wings and fly away. While you sleep, it goes faster than it did when you were chasing it, circling the globe, and even passing you by. And still, when you wake, Time is long gone, and you must find it all over again.

As if seeing a mirage in the desert, you come to perceive time not as you had before, but as being able to change its pace just to fool you. Your heart aches, as you try to catch Time and yet it slips through your fingers like sand. And in that desert, you become frustrated and lost in the sandy winds, while Time simply laughs at you as it passes you by.

As winter arrives, the bleak cold discourages you. You lie from sloth in your cozy cabin, waiting for Time to bring you spring, a more suitable season to chase Time. Time, as if mocking you, pokes its head in your window, and slides by as slowly as possible, knowing you won’t chase it. Winter goes on interminably.

You now recognize Time as a formidable opponent, and know you don’t stand a chance. You go back to where you came from, while the “Wanted” posters drift from their posts, get covered in the falling snow, and Time


Yee-Lynn, 9th grade.