Terraria is a sidescroller  game that will let you do anything you put your mind to, indeed it isn’t as “Big” as Minecraft but still lets you basically do the same things such as build large buildings, create objects that look like your favorite super hero, etc. Along with the mass amount of things you can do if you’re a creative individual. The game also provides a small-large landscape to satisfy all you exploring needs such as caves, long elaborate holes in the ground, and even clouds with houses on them, ah and why not forget the dungeon that is within the game that is filled with twists and turns, traps, enemies, and even giant evil spiders that want you dead. The game also consists of 14 bosses, many, many different environments such as Snow, Sand, Jungle, and Forrest biomes (most common), 2 oceans, and three special biomes: Corruption, Crimson, and The Hallow. The Corruption is a biome that is full of things/monsters that would enjoy nothing less than to eat you, such great hospitality, and is one of the two “Evil” biomes in the game that can occur in the creation of a world (you can make many worlds). The second evil biome in the game is the Crimson; like the name suggests, its blood red color makes it stand out from the rest, and is also filled with monsters that would enjoy nothing less than to eat you. Now that last of the three special biomes: The Hallow, a place filled with magical things such as: killer unicorns, killer pixies, killer jellyfish–to sum it up, another biome that would stop at nothing to hurt you, but this biome will not complete until you kill a certain boss. Terraria is a game filled with many items, many enemies, and many rewards. If you are looking for a game that can satisfy your creative/action craving, this is the game for you, and it even has good humor.


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