The Terminator

The Terminator is one of the greatest classic robot action movies ever, created back in the 80’s. It made an actor’s career with the famous quote “I’ll be back”. Terminator is filled with action, deception, and lots of robot destruction! Created in 1984, Terminator was a step up from Robo-cop (old TV show), that featured a police officer who was turned into a robot after a firefight and got injured. Terminator features a humanoid robot that is wearing human skin to disguise itself, that was sent to the past to save a person from being killed and altering the future in which humans are wining a war against the Terminators. The terminator( played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) was once against the humans but hacked into helping the humans and was sent to the past to protect a women who has yet the give birth to the “Savior” of the human race in the future. Along with the Terminator that came from the future there was another one that came to the past as well but this one is a lot more deadly; it can morph into any shape of a person and create weapons. This movie was one of the classics and is a must-watch due to its great action along with its great plot. Always remember the famous quote “I’ll be back”.


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