Gladiator is a movie staring Russell Crowe, and is most likely one of the few movies he is know for. Gladiator starts off in the middle of combat between Roman soldiers and the Germans, where the Roman army is led by Roman general Maximus (Russell Crowe). Maximus comes out of the battle victorious and in view of the ruler of Rome. Maximus was known in Rome as the greatest general they have ever had and also known for how many victories he has under his belt. He is also known for his bravery and talent. He has a family that he would do anything to go home to and live the rest of his days in peace with. During the night of the victory, events happen that cause Maximus to be branded as a traitor and was ordered to be executed by the new king of Rome. Maximus manages to escape and rides home to reach his family. When he gets there he passes out and then wakes up on the slave transport to a city, and then is chosen to become a gladiator. From that day onward he is know as the Spaniard and has an interesting future ahead. Gladiator is an action packed movie that got  nominated for twelve Oscars and won five, and is the movie that gave Russell Crowe the “Best Actor” award. If you have not seen this movie it’s a must see from its action to its wonderful plot and very satisfying ending.


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