Metro 2033

Metro 2033 is a first-person shooter game that is set in Russia in 2033 after the apocalypse of 2013. The world’s surface has become deadly to breath, and to even walk on, but this isn’t the only problem; strange monsters have emerged from the depths of the devastation brought by the nuclear disaster of World War 3. With these hostile environments mankind was forced to live in the metros that now are not functional after said events. You are a survivor named Artyom who was born right before the nukes rained down on Moscow, Russia. Now, twenty years later, the metro you are in suddenly is attacked by these strange monsters called nosalises, which are animals, humans, and even birds that were mutated by the intense radiation that is now the surface of Moscow. With all this happening the saying “War… War never changes” applies here due to the fact that the metro people are split into four separate factions. “The Reds”(basically picture them as the Soviet Union); “The Nazis” (self explanatory, but here’s the weird thing–they are Russian);  “Independent”(but there are very few of them due to the fact most were killed or joined another faction); and finally “The Spartan Rangers”( a semi-large group of soldiers that explore the top-side, to keep the other factions from killing the people who get stuck in the cross fire of the Reds and the Nazis). These four factions make up the metro, and you play a major role in things to come. The choices you make will determine the outcome. This action filled, plot driven, beautiful game caught my eye the moment I looked at it and has never disappointed me yet. Metro 2033 is a fantastic game for the price tag ($15), and is worth ever penny due to its wonderful game-play and its wonderful character development. I can guarantee you will have a great time playing this game.


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