DOOM is one of the first games that was put on the PlayStation back in 1995, but back in 1993 when DOOM was created, everything was in 64-bit and all shooters that were first-person shooters were arcade shooters, what a great time. Here’s a little history about DOOM; DOOM was originally meant to be only on in the arcades and never to go anywhere else until about 1995 when it was put on the PlayStation due to fan requests, with this Id. Software made a large sum of money from both ports and so made six more DOOM games. Enough history now lets go with the good and bad points about DOOM. The good points about DOOM were the action combat and how fast paced it was. Think about this–DOOM has a world record speed run of seventeen minutes, the average time to complete it is about forty minutes. It was the first game after “Duke-nukem” that had a decent amount of gore (not saying that’s a good or bad point, depends on the person). Also there were so many secret areas and places it could take hours to find them all. Now onto the bad points; DOOM sadly, since it was made in 1993, didn’t get many updates to fix bugs, glitches, and  other issues that could cause the game problems. Also the fact the it was “too fast” and caused confusion to an average player who didn’t know how to play games such as DOOM, and bad ports. DOOM is what you would call “One of the classics” and is worth a play even if it has many problems. It still has the nostalgic feel to it, and in my opinion it is a 9.4/10.


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