Science Fiction Megapack Series


Recently, with the growth of eBooks, an interesting series has developed that republishes old stories. While normally these are seldom encountered these days with the cost of publishing, and most of those few anthologies of short stories seem to have been written by Ray Bradbury, the eBook format offers a cheap way to republish stories featured in out-of-print collections and magazines. One of these attempts is the Megapack series. This particular one focuses on the sci-fi/fantasy genre and offers a large number of collections for a relatively low price. The experience is different from reading a traditional book. While individual stories vary from pages to short novellas there are generally twenty-five in each collection. There is almost no relationship between them other than genre and thus you see the whole range of science fiction. It also makes it good for occasions where reading is short and thus likely to be interrupted, as they provide natural breaking points.
The quality of the stories is pretty good. Some are better than others, but despite the large number of bad science fiction stories the editors of the book seem to have chosen well. Some are better than others but all of them are pretty decent. Some of them are from notable authors who didn’t have enough short stories to publish an anthology and some of them are famous in their own right as stories, but many are just cute little stories about just about anything falling under sci-fi. It provides a different look at the genre. It gives you some appreciation for the genre, which is wider than you would normally realize. Overall, the Megapack series is amusing, interesting and definitely worth your while, especially if you appreciate short story collections by authors like Ray Bradbury. It provides a feeling of what science fiction often was in the late 20th century, with authors focusing mainly on shorter stories and collections.