The House of the Scorpion Review

house of scorpionThe House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer is an amazing book set in a future where the world has gone into a dark place and clones are treated like livestock. Its main character is Matt (Matteo Alacran) who is a clone of El Patron (Matteo Alacran). In the world the book is set in, clones are supposed to have their brains destroyed when they are born, but Matt’s wasn’t. He’s still treated like the rest of the clones, as a dirty animal. Clones are often used for organs, but that’s not all that the world has come to. People can also have chips implanted in their heads making them perfect slaves. These people are called Ejjits. The story takes place throughout Matt’s life and has different parts separated by his age at the time. It also takes place in different places, such as Celia’s House, Alacran Estate, Mexico, and an orphanage. This book has won the John Newberry Medal and the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. It is somewhat short but there is a second one, The Lord of Opium, to read once you’ve finished this one. If you like dystopian fiction, I recommend this book, especially to middle schoolers.

Cole, 8th grade