Feed My Sheep


Recently, I have gone to an organization run by my local church, Wesley Freedom Methodist Church called Feed My Sheep. Essentially this organization prepares and serves food to anyone who wants a hot meal. It operates mostly on Mondays and Fridays. The organization even provides a comfortable spot in the church to eat. In my latest volunteer session, I was responsible for the pudding dessert, setting the tables, and serving the food. For the people Feed My Sheep serves, it is not only great to have a hot meal, but it is also a great time to congregate with others in your own community. After volunteering there two times now, I strongly believe this is a great organization that is trying to help the community and reach out to the people in need particularly. Feed My Sheep is a great place for young people to extend their volunteer services and to interact with their community. Overall, I believe Feed My Sheep is a wonderful organization taking steps to improve the world.