The Dirt Diary

dirt diaryWhen her parents get a divorce, Rachel is forced to help her mom with her new cleaning service. Well not exactly forced, but still. When she has to clean the room of the most popular girl at school, there are more benefits then expected.

In “The Dirt Diary” by Anna Staniszewski, Rachel is a relatable character. She is a socially awkward teenager facing middle school and her parents divorce, two horrible things at once. I would recommend this book to any girl who had to face middle school or any other horrible challenge. With lovable (and hate-able) characters, you will surely fall in love with this book. This book shows that what you see isn’t always accurate. To me the book was bitter-sweet, but very realistic. Not all of Rachel’s problems were solved, but that’s just life. The book shows a middle school friendship and the dynamics of it were very real. There was nothing in this book that seemed fake. Even the ending was realistic, Rachel was…..Well I can’t reveal the ending now can I? Anna Staniszewski did a wonderful job at capturing the emotion of a middle school outcast. I own the book and I have read it at least five times. Overall this book is amazing.


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