Dork Diaries

During my time off from school I have been binge reading (my favorite activity) the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renée Russel. The series is a favorite of mine from when I was younger, and while skimming my bookshelf for something to read, I thought, why not? And the comedy and lightheartedness of the characters and events drew me to book two,  and then three, and then currently book four. The series is in the form of an illustrated diary narrated  by Nikki Maxwell, an eighth grade dork. Not only does Nikki have to deal with a move and starting at a new school, but she has to start at Westchester Country Day Middle School. The preppy school is ruled by the queen CCP (Cool, Cute & Popular) Mackenzie Hollister. And she absolutely hates Nikki. So, Nikki has to deal with a move, new school, mean girl who hates her guts, new crush, and a crazy family tagging along. This is just the recipe for an awesome teenage series! And, for some added awesomeness, it has been announced that a new Dork Diaries movie will be coming out! After the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid ( which I could never get into) movies came out, I have just been waiting for this! So, before the movie comes out, I totally recommend reading this series, even though it is by now probably eight books long. But trust both Ms. Honey and Ms. Vinegar, it’s worth it!


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