The Blood of Eden

The Blood of Eden series by Julia Kagawa is a great series about a dystopian society ruled by vampires.  Allison Sekemoto, the main character, hates vampires with a passion. They are the reason her mother is dead and she would never become one of the vampire citizens. Instead she is a Fringer, forging for food every day while living on the streets.  However, after a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself  on the brink of death. So, when a vampire offers her the choice to live on as an immortal or to die quickly as a human she decides to become a vampire. But will she accept that her life has to change in order to live?

This series is amazing with many dark twists and turns. While you are probably groaning about how all vampire books are cliches, this is not that kind of book. It has carefully crafted characters and settings.  It is also vividly described, with many parts that will keep you wanting to read the next page. I was barely able to put these books down while reading. What I liked was that there is a possibility of another book, but the ending  was still satisfying to the reader. This is an excellent story and a good read for anyone who likes a good thriller.


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