Isla and the Happily Ever After


Isla and the Happily Ever After is about a girl named Isla who has a major crush on this guy named Josh.  She finally talks to him one day after having a crush on him since about freshmen year.  This book is about their struggles as a couple, dealing with the classic problems (family, their futures, and the possibility of being pulled apart).

Now with that summary complete, I can share my opinion on this book.  If I’m being totally honest here, this book was horrible.  First off, Isla is so desperate for a guy she doesn’t really know.  I understand crushes, but she basically stalks him in the beginning of the book.  After that, she talks to him and they go on a couple of dates.  He’s a classic bad boy.  He has a skull and crossbones tattoo and skips school to work on his art.  I have no problem with that if he didn’t have pictures that he drew of his ex-girlfriend in his room.  Perfect way to win a lady, show her pictures of your ex-girlfriend.  Then there’s the issue with Isla’s male friend.  I get having a male friend, but he would come into her room and sleep next to her.  That’s a little weird, right?  Near the end she breaks up with Josh and is completely miserable.  The book just made no sense to me.  If I had to rate I would give it a 1.5.


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