“The Scorch Trials” by James Dashner


The Scorch Trials” is the second book in The Maze Runner series. In the end of “The Maze Runner” book, the surviving Gladers are evacuated from the maze and taken to a safer facility. They are given pizza and “The Scorch Trials” starts the next day. For the next three days, they are starved of food. The next couple of days they are allowed to eat up for they have been tasked with crossing a 100 mile part of the strip of land known as the scorch.

In “The Scorch Trials”, the main focus of the book is not only about the will to survive and move on, but it also focuses on the reasons why they are in this big experiment and the ethics of completing it. Because of this, the second book in the Maze Runner trilogy has a slightly darker side to it.

In The Maze Runner series, humanity is on the verge of extinction by a Bio-Weapon, a virus, which was accidentally released during the sun flares. The virus was named “The Flare”. The Maze variable (Phase 1) and the Scorch variable (Phase 2) were used to test who was the perfect candidate to assist in finishing the Blueprint to make “The Cure”. To get the perfect candidate for the Blueprint, many young men, women, and teenagers were put through the two variables to see who was best suitable for making “The Cure”. Most people who did not make the cut ended up dying horrific deaths. Because of this it shows how desperate the human race was to get a cure.



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