What I Wished I Had Read Before High School

brand u

Yes I realize some do not make college a goal, but if you do, this is for you! David Montesano’s Brand U: 4 Steps to the College of Your Dreams sets out the steps to successfully get into those “oh so elite” universities. As much as I feel the stress of choosing my life path now, Montesano’s way of “branding yourself” makes the college journey easier. “His little tidbits are things I wish I had known as a rising freshman” reports this junior! And perhaps Montesano’s method is too aggressive for you… but please at some point your freshman year- pick up a college admissions self help book.

In my tireless research I have come to enjoy the guidance in these texts as well:

Get Into Any College by Gen and Kelly Tanabe

The Best 379 Colleges published by The Princeton Review

& Colleges That Pay You Back also published by The Princeton Review

PS: As a junior who wishes success upon those students reading this-

  1. Get to know your guidance counselor, they want to help!!
  2. Find something you love and run with it.
  3. Make decisions based on you; do not pick classes to be with your friends; do not join clubs to write them on an application.
  4.  Try to have fun in HS, I promise it is not that bad.

~Rory 11th Grade



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