The Girl On The Moon


There has been a legend,
A legend that tells of a young girl.

Her best friends were the stars,
And she, well she danced on the moon.

People saw her from Earth, a beautiful golden streak,
Dancing in the moonlight,
With specks of stardust twirling around her, illuminating her bright features.

Everyone loved the young girl,
With her shining hair moving with her dance,
And her bright eyes illuminating the sky as she danced with her friends.

But one day, she started to dim.

At first, no one noticed, but soon, her features changed.

Her once shining blonde hair, was now a dull black.
Her dress changed from a glittering white, to a smoggy gray.
And her eyes…her shining blue eyes that were so full of light…
Had become as black as the starless night.

She wept as she lied on the crescent moon,
And her tears were seen as shooting stars from the blue planet.

Soon, the night sky was illuminated by her tears,
And the stars and her tears glimmered and twirled about her.

As they did, she began to glow again.

She was lifted from the moon, and she giggled as they gave her their brightness.

She once again danced and everyone loved her,
For she gave them the joy that was once missing.


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