The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni

8th day

“But I thought we – Transitioners – were the good guys. You know, we made the Eighth Day spell to capture the bad guys…” Wasn’t that what Mr. Crandall had said?

“‘No,’ Riley said forcefully. ‘I told you. These days, most Transitioners use the extra day for their own selfish purposes. It used to be that honor and chivalry mattered. But the world changed, Jax. It’s all about power and greed.’ Riley crossed his arms over his chest. ‘Not to me, though. I’ve got a job to do, and I plan on doing it the way my father would have. It’s my business to make sure the Emrys girl stays hidden and safe – the business you were supposed to stay out of.”

  • The Eighth Day

When Jax Aubrey woke up to a world without people, he was fairly sure it was the zombie apocalypse. But Riley Pendare, his clueless eighteen-year-old guardian, knew for a fact it wasn’t. It was something very different.

The Eighth Day, colloquially known as Grunsday, created by Merlin. Jax can exist on all eight days, one of which normal people don’t know is possible, because he’s a Transitioner, one of an ancient bloodline with strange genetic powers. Riley can force you to obey him. AJ Crandall, Riley’s best pal, can create tattoos that strengthen your powers. There are sensitives, people who are immune to the powers of others, weather workers, prophets. And Jax can suddenly ask anyone any question and get a truthful answer.

All this power comes with danger. When Jax disobeys Riley and meets the girl he’s only seen on the eighth day,he becomes, through his own meddling, seven days, leaving only the eighth day.

This series has it all. Secret societies? Legends of – descendants of –  Merlin and King Arthur? Magical powers! New races of human beings, gun battles, Transitioner crime syndicates and danger around every corner. This book never really slows down once it takes off, slowly but surely getting up to nonstop action, and lands with a not-so-neat ending that leads into the next book.

And the next book is even better, as Jax finds his family, but they may not be what he expected. He’s made many enemies, and the world is still in trouble, but he doesn’t know where his loyalties lie anymore and if he really wants to fight… Narrated, this time, from alternating points of view as Jax and his cousin Dorian tell you everything, in a slightly different style but with all the same action.

I truly liked this book, and it’s on my very short ‘reread often’ list.. The eighth day is a simple and elegant change in the world that leads to a whole host of problems for Jax and his friends. The series reminds me of 39 Clues and Harry Potter thrown into a blender with something I don’t have a name for yet, coming out fantasy adventure.  Jax is 13, and the books are about the right level for 11-14 year olds. Don’t pay too much attention to the labels, though, as you don’t have to be in this age range to enjoy everything about this series.


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