Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer


“I’m meeting Thor?”

“I’m afraid so. The gods don’t even  pretend to deal in good and evil, Magnus. It’s not the Aesir way. Might makes right. So tell me… do you really want to charge into battle on their behalf?”

The ship trembled under my feet. Fog rolled across the deck.

“Time for you to go,” Loki said. “Remember what I said. Oh, and have fun getting mouth-to-mouth from a goat.”

“Wait… what?”

Loki wiggled his fingers, his eyes full of malicious glee. Then the ship dissolved into gray nothingness.

The latest series from Rick Riordan, author of both Percy Jackson series and the Kane Chronicles, promises to be every bit as good as (and maybe better than) the other two.

Magnus Chase is living on the streets of Boston when his strange uncle Randolph drags him off to find some rusty sword that can apparently save the world. And apparently his father was a Norse god.

After an encounter with a fire giant that leaves him dead (don’t worry, that isn’t the end), Magnus is brought to Valhalla by his personal Valkyrie, Samirah al-Abbas. When he gets there, he learns his father’s identity, meets up with his old friends Hearth and Blitz and figures out what, exactly, he’s supposed to do with the Sword of Summer.

This story has severed heads, Thor, Valkyrie Vision, Fenris Wolf, sign language, giantesses, death squirrels, multiple afterlives, an invisibility hijab, and World Serpent fishing. Not necessarily in that order.

It also has the craziest family ever – Blitz, a fashion-loving dwarf, Hearth, a deaf elf with rune powers, Sam, who’s a Muslim, shape-shifting Valkyrie (what), and Magnus.

They are a family, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I loved the plot. I won’t say much – but it’s great. There is a very interesting plot twist at the end that SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER. I would gladly invite the characters over to my house, and I think they have the best backstories of any Riordan character so far.

I give this book a 9. Read it now.


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