The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau


Enter a world where everything is destroyed and we all have to build back up the world that once thrived. Families live throughout the world in small towns, one of those towns being the Five Lakes. It just happens to be the town in which Cia Vale lives. She is one of the smartest young girls in Five Lakes. The town works to help regenerate plants as they have been genetically destroyed just as animals and water. There are eight girls and six boys in the grade that will graduate this year, including Cia. Some of these kids have the chance to be chosen for the testing and if they pass will move on to the university in Tosu City. Although Cia at first believes she was not chosen after trying her best, studying every night, and getting amazing grades, she discovers she will have that chance. Cia’s excitement is overwashed by warnings from her father who also went to the testing. Even though his mind was wiped, he has memories, actually nightmares, which he now shares with Cia. The testing might not be what she expects. When she arrives in Tosu City she is very worried. The first round of the testing will begin. The written tests are easy. Just a booklet to fill out, but she is so tired her hands hurt for so long. After finishing a week of the written tests, only those kids who passed and did not commit suicide move on. Then they complete the second and third tests, one being the job of teamwork. Cia runs into a problem. Roman, her own teammate, tried to kill her. Along with that in the other test, she is worried because any mistake can kill her and cause her to go home. She has made it to the last test, but it isn’t what she wants . She is left in Chicago a city that the Seven Years War hurt badly. She is many miles away from Tosu City and she has to make her way back. After completing her journey, questions are asked and answered about the life threatening animals, toxic water, and dead plants, but mainly about her family and traveling companion. Yet she won’t remember any of her long journey to the university because her memory will be wiped clean just as everyone else’s minds.

-Erin, 7th grader


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