Inside by Maria V. Snyder is about a girl named Trella who lives in a place called inside. Inside has a two groups of people in it.  The Scrubs, who cook, clean, and make sure everything functions right for the Uppers.  The Uppers, who enforce laws, make major decisions, and keep the Scrubs doing their jobs.  Trella is a member of the Scrubs.  She was never really unhappy with her life, but her life changes drastically when she saves the life of a injured man who can prove all of the myths she thought to be true.  He revealed that there was a possibility of an outside world called Earth.

I found this story intriguing because of the concepts that were introduced by the author.  However, I would have preferred a better explanation of this society before plunging into the depths of Trella’s world.  I did become slightly attached to Trella, even though she acted like a brat.  What I liked most about Trella was that she didn’t think twice about saving the lives of people she cared about.  While I could have done without the introduction of many characters (and having to try to keep track of each one), I did enjoy the story.  The plot twists made the story very entertaining.

Sara C. – 7th grade


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