A Long Walk To Water


In the book A Long Walk To Water, author Linda Sue Park blends fact and fiction in order to tell the story of the Sudan civil war, which lasted from 1983 to 2005. Readers are placed in the shoes of two protagonists: 11 year-old Salva, whose journey begins in 1995 as a refugee of the war, and 11 year-old Nya, who lives in the aftermath of the civil war. The development of both characters is phenomenal. The book describes Salva’s suffering, as he endures incredible hardship when he is driven from his home, spending years walking to overcrowded refugee camps in bordering countries. However, readers will also see Salva’s strong will, which helps him not only survive a terrible circumstance but also return to help the people still suffering in Sudan. There is no shortage of violence in Salva’s journey, but author Linda Sue Park contains it reasonably, making this book an appropriate choice for all ages. Nya’s story describes how she lives a harsh life in the aftermath of the war – each day she must make at least two trips to a pond in order to bring water to her family. But eventually people come to build wells in the villages, and they learn how fresh water can lead to schools, markets, and more. Through this book, readers not only get a look the historical tragedy that took place in Sudan but also, through Nya’s story, learn how much work continues to be needed in that region of the world. Altogether, the book is quite short, but is most definitely a quality read.


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