Unreal Tournament


Unreal Tournament is probably one of the oldest games out there right next to Duke Nukem, Quake, and Counter-Strike. Unreal Tournament is one of those games that throws almost any type of team work and the term “Slow and steady” out the window and into the next content.  The game throws you into a guy (They really don’t give you a back story at all… Ah, lovely plot) who is wanting to get the prize money from the tournament for lord knows what reason. The sponsors for that tournament say “Don’t worry we have a way to magically respawn you”. For the people who love the fast paced action games like Call of Duty, welcome to its crazy twin brother that is even faster, has more Ramboistic tendencies, loads of chunks from people flying everywhere, and weapons that make borderlands gun system hoarder mode to the max.   You will find someone remotely good at the game to wreak havoc on your team, crazy robots that want to kill you, conspiracy theories, and a whole whopping one-hundred grand prize for winning the tournament (Totally worth dying about over a hundred times and killing about thousands of robots, Scar, rebels, humans, and crazy people).  There is a final boss that makes you ask your self “Who’s this guy and why is he the final boss”. THEN Unreal Tournament is the game for you. In my honest opinion it’s a worthwhile game that is really enjoyable for some reason. Rating 9.1/10.


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