The Selection by: Kiera Cass

Summary: The Selection is the first book of The Selection Trilogy (now series). The Selection is where 35 girls are selected as candidates for the Prince of Illéa to fall in love with. In the nation of Illéa, there are eight castes. The Ones are those who live in the palace such as the king, queen, and prince, eights are those who are less fortunate and homeless, and then there’s everyone in between.

America Singer is a Five unexpectedly chosen as one of the Selected girls. America isn’t too thrilled about going to the Selection on a mission to seduce the Prince to fall in love with her. This is because doing this would mean she would have to leave behind her secret boyfriend of two or three years, Aspen, a Six.  Little does America know, the Prince is not as snobby and stuck-up as she may perceive him to be.

Writing: Kiera Cass is not the best writer that I have ever read, but she definitely isn’t the worst either. The book is a tad bit slow at the beginning, but Cass does a good job of introducing you to the characters. I feel that sometimes there is a little bit of over-describing the setting or what a character is wearing, for example. I understand that Cass wants to convey a picture with good imagery, but sometimes it’s a little unnecessary.  Despite that, Cass does a good job at keeping you hooked and wanting to turn the next page.

Rating: 3.5/5

Characters:  America is such a unique and enjoyable character from when you meet her. She is different from most of the Selected and is not afraid to stand out and do her own thing. I fell completely in love with Maxon the moment he was introduced. He’s so kind and sweet to America and I kind of want him to be a real person! I instantly connected with him and shared feelings that he had.

I love America and Marley’s instant friendship and America and Celeste’s tension. Cass does a phenomenal at making you love the characters you’re supposed to love and hate the characters you’re supposed to hate.  I’m surprised at how well she incorporated each of the characters, considering that she has thirty-five girls to include along with other important characters.

Rating: 5/5

Overall:  This was a very interesting story with loads of plot twists. I had a great time throughout this story. The first book was definitely a good start to the series and I’m very excited to see where Cass takes me.

Overall Rating: 5/5


Grade 9


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